For you to understand how hypnosis works, it is very important for you to understand how your mind works. We have three very separate and very distinct minds. They do different things and they have a hard time inter-relating and communicating with each other.

First, we have a conscious mind. That is where we are right now. Below that level of awareness is the subconscious mind. The next level is the unconscious mind. For the purpose of hypnosis, we do not deal with the unconscious mind. It is the part that is concerned with the immune system and automatic body functions.

The conscious mind basically does four things.

  1. It analyzes.
  2. It rationalizes.
  3. Will power.
  4. Working Memory.

This is the memory we need to carry out our everyday tasks. So, our conscious mind is very logical, very analytical, and frequently wrong.

For you to understand how hypnosis works, it is very important for you to understand how your mind works. We have three very separate and very distinct minds. They do different things and they have a hard time inter-relating and communicating with each other

The REAL person lives in the next level or Subconscious Mind. The subconscious mind is awesomely powerful. It can make you into anything you would like to be. To understand how the subconscious mind works, it is helpful to understand that is operates just like a computer. A computer must operate on the programming placed in it. It has no choice. If the programming is changed, it must operate on the new programming. It will no longer operate on the old programming. This is the way the subconscious mind works. The primary role of our computer is that it must make us into the type of person that it perceives us to be, based on all the programming that has been placed into it, and will continue to be placed into it until we die.

The subconscious mind is like a video camera. Everything that has ever happened to you, that you have heard, seen, smelled, or tasted, is locked permanently into the memory banks of your subconscious mind. We never forget anything. With hypnosis, we can go back and unlock those memories.

The next programming in the subconscious mind is habits. There are good habits, bad habits, and utilitarian (automatic) habits.

The next thing in our subconscious mind is emotion. The conscious mind cannot deal with emotions in any way. Any situation requiring emotion is automatically sent to the subconscious mind.

Probably the most important part of the subconscious mind is our protective mind. It must protect us against danger either real or imagined. You see, something imagined by the subconscious mind is just as if it was actually happening, it can’t tell the difference. And it must protect us from danger.

The last part of the subconscious mind is the negative part. Although the subconscious is so powerful, it is also the laziest part of us. It doesn’t like to do the work that is required to accept positive suggestions to give us change in areas where we would like to have changed. It likes to keep things the way they are, it takes too much work to make a change in a positive way. And positive suggestions are one of the most difficult things to get into our subconscious minds. On the other hand, negative suggestions go into this inner part of us like a hot knife through butter, because it doesn’t take any work to accept a negative suggestion.

How do we get suggestions into the inner mind? Now, it is so important for you to understand this. If an idea, a thought or a concept is allowed to go into the subconscious mind, it must happen. You are changing programming and that inner mind must respond to new programming. But it is not that easy.

There is a guardian of the conscious mind that all suggestions must go through, before making it into the subconscious. This is called the Critical Factor. Once a suggestion passes the critical factor and goes into the subconscious, it must happen.

How do you get a suggestion past the critical factor and into the subconscious? The answer is Hypnosis. Here is what happens. Hypnosis bypasses the critical factor. This is what most people who are ignorant of hypnosis think hypnosis really is. If this was all hypnosis was, then some of the stories you may have heard about hypnosis might be true. Things like I can control you or I can make you do anything I want you to do and you’d have to do it. Well, if this was all it was, that would be true. But our Creator did not leave us that vulnerable. Yet, this is true up to this point. But the instant this critical factor of our conscious mind is bypassed, what happens is this; we go into a very deep state of hypnosis.

When we are in the state of hypnosis, it is not what you expect it to be. Our bodies are relaxed, but the more we go into hypnosis, the more our conscious mind becomes alert. In the deeper levels of hypnosis, your conscious mind is two to three hundred percent more alert than you are at this very moment. All of your five senses, including hearing, smelling, tasting, and seeing are hundreds of times better than they are right now.

So, when you are in hypnosis, you are not asleep, you are extremely alert, probably more alert and clear-minded than you have ever been before. Now, the important thing to understand about this is that the conscious mind takes on a different role when you are in hypnosis. I want you to think of it as playing the role of the guardian of the gates protecting you. When you receive a suggestion in hypnosis, you hear it loud and clear.

When you hear that suggestion with your conscious mind, you must, and you really do have no choice, make one of four decisions about that suggestion. Which decision you make determines whether that suggestion is allowed to enter your subconscious mind or whether it is rejected. If it is allowed to enter, you will have the change that you are here to achieve, if it is rejected, there will be no change.

What are those four decisions or choices?

  1. “I like that suggestion, boy, I know that one is going to work!” A mental attitude like this at the conscious level allows that suggestion to go into the subconscious and change begins.
  2. The next choice could simply be a little bit uncomfortable for you, for any reason. It is automatically blocked by the conscious and not allowed to enter your subconscious. No change.
  3. You are simply neutral about the suggestion. You could go either way. The conscious mind automatically blocks that suggestion, and it does not get into your computer.
  4. This choice is probably the one that causes the most people to fail if they do fail.

It goes something like this, “Oh, I like that suggestion, boy, I hope it works!” The word hope is the twin sister of the word try and try means automatic failure. So, if you say hope or try, that suggestion is blocked by the subconscious mind, it is not allowed to enter the computer and there is no change.

In reality, it’s up to you, whether a suggestion is accepted by the subconscious or not. You and you alone are responsible for your success. You and you alone are responsible for your failure. What mental attitude you take when you hear a suggestion determines success or failure. It’s that simple.

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