Hello Mr. Richmond,

I wanted to thank you again for giving me that awesome experience, I feel so much better now!!

I had always been curios about past life regression therapy and I was more than happy when I heard about Mr. Richmond. I had an amazing experience when I visited him. I was very nervous at first but he explained what was about to happen and as soon as we started I felt pretty relaxed almost immediately.

My session was pretty eye opening, I was able to see and feel emotions while I was watching myself living in a previous time. I am pretty sure that a lot of the issues I have today are lingering effects from a previous life, I always felt like I had unfinished business somewhere else and I constantly get the feeling of being in a place before but not in this lifetime. After my session, I felt pretty relieved and lighthearted and been feeling like that ever since, I am very thankful that I found him!

Mr. Richmond made it pretty easy for me to have this awesome experience and I look forward to visiting him again.


Dear Eric,

Thank you so much for your recent hypnosis therapy. As you know, I had started a new job and had to learn a difficult computer program. It had me stressed to the point that I was considering quitting my new job. I was at loss until you suggested that you could help me through this by hypnosis. After only a few sessions, I was able to completely learn this new computer program and perform my duties completely relaxed and stress-free. It was just like a new world had opened up for me, and my mental block was gone.

I also wanted to tell you how much better sleep I am getting now. I am practicing the relaxation techniques and imagery that you taught me through your therapy. The relaxation CD with the subliminal messaged truly is a life saver. In addition to the job stress, I was going through a difficult time in my personal life, and you helped me get back on track in all aspects. I can’t thank you enough. It literally was a life changing experience.

Thanks for everything, Eric

— Sue

Eric this is Mike, Connies husband sorry i haven’t gotten back to you i had knee surgery everything is great just doing pt now but as far as my addiction to tobacco (aka snuff) i haven’t had any desire to start again since you hypnotized me the beginning of april. talking to people who know me can’t believe that i quit thanks to you i could’t thank you enough this has been so easy for me I think coming to you with an open mind and the desire to change my life for the better has put me on a different plane in my life it’s helped me feel better about myself i’ve also used the tools you gave me[root cause technique] to relax and help me with some of the pain from surgery. also’ eric i can’t thank you enough youv’e changed my life andi feel i’ve made a life long friend,too.

Very sincerely Michael P.

This man is such an awesome and caring man. He is the real deal. I recommend him to all of my friends and family. I’m proud of you Eric. Your an inspiration!!!


I found the hypnosis session with Eric Richmond to be very enlightening and relaxing. I found answers to questions that are very relevant to my life now.


My hypnosis session was absolutely unexpected and illuminating. I found out a previous life, when I was a woman who experienced continued loss over and over. Loss of family as well as material loss. There were a lot of unexpected situations in that life and it was basically a struggle to survive. There was a lot of frustration over continued instability that was out of my control. The country was going through war, and my family and I tried to do what I could, after losing everything over and over. It helped me understand why, in the present life, I avoid getting too attached to anything (people, things, situations). I realized I am afraid to experience the same. I also understand that it is possible to have close friendships and I don’t have to be afraid to lose them. Because everything changes, no matter what, but you can appreciate what you have at the moment.

–Martha–Lab Tech

My session with Eric was awesome! It took me to the life time I needed to see and understand in this life time.


I have never had a past life regression, so I was excited and anxious, at the same time. However, after five minutes into the session, I felt so at ease. I am so excited to have experienced a past life where I was a little boy in India. I feel overwhelmed and so happy that I had a session.


Very profound journey. Was able to understand and bring to closure past experiences that cause me emotional and physical pain in the present. Thank you.


It was an amazing experience. I didn’t think I was a person, who would be able to go into hypnosis. The session was very powerful, but I feel great.


Visited an inter life. Felt relaxed and realized I need patience.


I really enjoyed this session. I was very relaxed and in a good feeling. Thank you very much.


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