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“Would you rather be an ex-smoker that craves cigarettes–or a non-smoker who never gives them a thought?” –Are you serious about quitting? –Are you concerned about your health? –Is the polarity of your body reversed, making it more difficult to quit smoking?
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There are two principle reasons for smoking: Identification, and Replacement.

​Identification is the situation in which the smoker indulges in the habit because others, whom he admires, do so–parents, peers, entertainment or sports figures, etc. Identification smoking is the most common and the easiest to eliminate. Replacement smoking occurs when smoking is used to replace some deficit in life–lack of companionship, love, acceptance, self-esteem, security, independence, etc.

Replacement smoking is also used to replace some pre-existing habit, such as overeating, reaction to anxiety or boredom. Replacement smokers often derive sensual gratification from smoking. They enjoy touching or feeling the cigarettes, tapping the pack, seeing the flame of a lighter, the curling of rising smoke, or the smell of the burning tobacco. Often “lighting up” in itself becomes a ritual. Replacement smoking is quite often a true and severe addiction.

Stop Smoking/Vaping Hypnosis El Paso TX


The Hypno-Tique Rainbow Stop Smoking Program is a natural, easy way to become a nonsmoker, without the weight gain or stress that often goes along with quitting this habit. We specialize in helping people who have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to stop smoking. If an individual truly wants to quit smoking, our Hypno-Tique Rainbow Hypnosis Program works very well.

If that person was told by someone (spouse, friend, doctor, boss, etc.), to quit smoking, chances are good that it will not be successful. Sometimes a person’s polarity is reversed in the body. If this is true, the individual will not be able to stop smoking. We will check your polarity. If it is reversed, it is easily corrected. This will help to insure the success of the Hypno-Tique Rainbow Stop Smoking Session.


Hypno-Tique’s Rainbow Hypnosis Program Works and It Lasts

Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of relaxed concentration–a state of mind and body in which we communicate suggestions to our subconscious mind. This part of our mind influences what we think, how we feel, and the choices we make. There is no magic to achieving success with self-hypnosis. Almost anyone, who chooses to, can reach deep relaxation and redirected focus.

When giving up tobacco in any form with hypnosis, what you will experience is similar to the daydreaming or focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or staring at a fire. You will be in good spirits–totally relaxed, but fully in control. Hypnosis does not work at achieving the strength to resist. It is designed to eliminate the desire. Instead of giving up something that a person enjoys (a sacrifice), the goal is to be rid of something that isn’t wanted. This is a much more agreeable position psychologically.

Hypno-Tique's Rainbow Hypnosis Program Works and It Lasts


We believe in the statement by Earl Nightingale, “What the mind can conceive, you can achieve.” Stop Smoking Today! Our approach is focused entirely on stopping tobacco in any form. No patch. No pills. No gum. No nasal spray. We use a proven 2-step Rainbow Hypnosis Program that has a high success rate. In addition, self love, self confidence, self esteem, and motivation are all reinforced.

Some Celebrities

Did you know that celebrities are using hypnosis? Ellen Degeneres, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Billy Joel, Ben Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson and Winona Ryder stopped smoking with hypnosis.

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“Would you rather be an ex-smoker that craves cigarettes–or a non-smoker?”
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